Please don't face it alone! We are here to help


We know that receiving brown envelopes from HMRC can be daunting if not a little bit scary. Some may ignore them, others may lose sleep wondering what to do. Please don’t face it alone, we are here to listen to your situation and help you!

We understand that currently, many contractors who have worked through their Limited Company or an umbrella company are receiving various letters from HMRC and we can help you with this. We can arrange a consultation for you with tax advisors who have over 25 years’ experience of working with HMRC and who understand the how the contracting world operates.

Going to a tax advisor for an initial chat costs money even before you start and we appreciate that times are tough. Some have paid hundreds of pounds an hour, which isn’t easy in today’s climate. Consultations can be carried out by phone, Zoom or Teams, paid for on an individual Pay- As-You-Go basis or you can take advantage of an affordable monthly subscription service giving you unlimited access to specialist advice throughout the duration of your subscription.

Paying an affordable monthly subscription will give you peace of mind that you have unlimited access to a dedicated specialist tax advisor any time. If you want to ask about a letter you have received, self-assessments, queries about rental properties, selling your home, inheritance tax or dealing with additional income; for any tax related queries just get in touch. We will schedule a call/Zoom/Teams meeting and you can get expert advice and support, plus any additional work that is required will be discounted by 15 – 20%. 

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